How to Be Confident in Your Own Skin

An African Family, Photo by Carrita Tanner on Unsplash During a recent trip to Malindi, I was aboard a plane that was mainly filled with tourists, mainly Caucasian ‘white’ people. I somehow felt inferior as I thought this is an African country, but most people flying are Caucasians! I reflected on this feeling and wondered why? I shouldn’t feel less than them, yet I did, why? A short contemplation made me note that a s African people we are bombarded by images of Caucasians . We don't see Africans represented much in the art around us, either on TV or in real life art. For example, from when I was young, the cartoons I watched were mainly of Caucasian children. From the likes of Transformers, Disney World, etc, there were no black people at all. Indeed, even right now, in the 21 st Century, it is hard to find quality cartoons featuring African children. I also noted that it is really my problem and no one else. It is a problem of perception. I was not confident in my skin in p

Happy Mother’s Day - Honour Your Mom, and You’ll Live Long!

Honour Your Mom and Dad and You’ll Live Long! Today is Mother’s Day. It is a day when we express our gratitude to all our mothers and mother figures for the sacrifices they have made for us to be who we are today. In Jeremiah 35, the Recabites were told by their father Jonadab not take wine or plant vineyards or even build houses. Instead their forefather told them to always live in tents. He promised them that if they did so, they would live long in the land they were given, where they were nomads. God sent Prophet Jeremiah to this family and told Jeremiah to give them wine. They of course refused and instead told Jeremiah of the command from their forefather, which they had obeyed. God used their obedience in an analogy to contrast it with the disobedience of the people of Judah and Jerusalem: “Will you not learn a lesson and obey my words?’ declares the Lord. Jonadab son of Recab ordered his sons not to drink wine and this command has been kept…But I have spoken to you aga

How to Stand Your Ground Despite Opposition

Today's Reading: Jeremiah 26: 20-24 In today's reading, we read of Uriah a prophet of the Lord who had been sent by God to warn the leaders and the people of Judah of impending judgement due to their sins. God warned the people that unless they repented, several of them would be killed and others taken into hostage by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. However, despite warnings from several prophets such as Jeremiah and Uriah, the people refuse and instead turned against Jeremiah and Uriah. Prophet Jeremiah stood his ground in the face of this opposition, but Uriah fled to Egypt. Uraih feared King Jehoiakim, as he had been told that the king was looking for him to kill him. When the king heard that Uriah had run to Egypt, he sent soldiers after him, who captured him and brought him back to the king, who had him killed.  On the other hand, Jeremiah was not afraid to prophesy the same to the people despite what happened to Uriah, he did not flee, but went to the temple and spoke wha

He Will Bring Us Back to Our Land

Fig fruits Today's reading:  Jeremiah 24 (NIV) It's funny how this coronavirus pandemic has led to a revamp of many latent talents in people. For one, I used to blog and write weekly/daily posts on various issues, a long time ago. I had even forgotten I used to blog! But I am back, but not of my own strength, God has helped me. I plan to be doing daily devotions from my Bible reading. I have gained a lot from the Bible and I would like to give back to someone who may have never read the passage I am speaking about, or can gain a unique view of the passage.  Today's passage is from Jeremiah 24, which the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible entitles it: Two Basket of Figs. In this passage, Jeremiah saw two baskets of figs placed in front of the temple of the Lord. One had very good edible figs, the other had poor ones, that were inedible. God told Jeremiah that the good figs represented the exiles in Babylon, that He would bring them back to their land. The p

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Deep Calleth Unto Deep...

From the mountain top a voice resounds, Moving downhill to the valley grounds, The Voice of He who was, is and will be: will you listen? The Voice flows to the houses below, Through the valleys and hills, into the household, Cutting through the TV, the WiFi, the Websites, and Mobile strongholds, Through our worries, our cares, our fears, our hopes, Between bone and marrow, between soul and spirit: Directly to the inner being: carrying a message, a choice of life or death. Obedience is the only way, not 60% not 80 % but 100%, Obey the Word, if you are His child, Obey or else you will surely die. It’s not too late to lay down your life, Your plans your hopes and your strife, At His feet we need to go and lie, obey Him now, or sooner cry. Deep calls unto deep, from His Spirit to mine, A message, a warning, a call, a sign, A sign of His love that still flows from on high: A love so great it doesn’t want me to die, A love from my sins plucks me h

Applying for a Kenyan Passport - lessons learned

I went to apply for a passport on Monday, 16th September, 2014. I reached the location at 8.15 a.m., as I had been informed of the need to arrive there early by a friend and I also read this post: When I reached, I found about 20 people already on the line! I Sat down quietly, knowing that it being morning, there is a chance that the line will move fast as the Immigration Officers (and most other people) are usually fresh and ready to work in the morning. It took about one hour for me to reach the counter and be served. I was asked for the required documents which I gave out. The documents included: original ID, original birth certificate, copies of parents ID, marriage certificate (if married), copy of PIN, and three passport photographs, one of which was signed by your 'recommender' (a 'recommender' is someone who recommends you and according to the Passport application form, should be a religious